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Low T | Testosterone Injections | Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Do you need syringes for your prescribed TESTOSTERONE THERAPY injections? Skip the inconvenience and judgment of a pharmacy purchase and have your syringes mailed discreetly & quickly to your door.

Cheappinz offers all sizes of Syringes, Needles, Insulin Syringes and associated products such as Sharps Containers and Alcohol Prep Pads conveniently mailed to your door within a few days.

Why would someone purchase Syringes online instead of at a local pharmacy?

Firstly, in the time of COVID, some consumers prefer a non-face-to-face transaction. It is your right to be able to purchase syringes in the manner that makes you most comfortable. Purchasing syringes online is perfectly legal and is an acceptable process for those in need of syringes. Some states have different regulations or laws regarding syringe purchases, so please be aware of the rules in your area. Many people have the knowledge and understanding to follow a doctor’s instructions and education so they can conveniently manage their health needs in the privacy of home.

Why would I choose to purchase my syringes online or in a pharmacy?

Customers or patients following a testosterone replacement plan should consider a few things while deciding to purchase syringes directly from a pharmacy or from an online source.

  1. Do you have time to go to the store? Is it more convenient to order a product you know the exact brand and size of syringe from home online?

  2. Do you prefer the privacy of an online purchase? If you’ve ever felt judged purchasing syringes from a pharmacy, an online sale would keep your information and requirements private.

  3. Do you prefer a touch-less non-face-to-face purchase?

  4. Do you have questions for your pharmacist or require other items making an in store visit smart?

  5. Are you out of syringes and don’t have the time to wait a few days for delivery?

Are all syringe sizes and brands available at my pharmacy?

Cheappinz can’t say for sure what brand your pharmacy stocks, but that we are fully in stock of highly rated, US approved established leaders in the syringe industry. If you don’t see the brand, size, etc of a syringe at your walk in pharmacy, this might be a reason to purchase the exact syringe you want online.

All of our Diabetic Insulin Syringes, Conventional Syringes, COVID syringes, Testosterone syringes, and all sized syringes and needles are in stock and available. All Cheappinz syringes are in stock and ship daily. This article post is written for educational purposes only. Cheappinz does not give medical advice, does not sell medication, and recommends discussing any medical related questions with your doctor.

Does Cheappinz offer syringes that can be used for testosterone injections for my testosterone replacement therapy?

Cheappinz offers a variety of syringes, needle tips, and commonly used supplies. Syringes come in a variety of sizes, connections, and needle tips have varying sizes and lengths as well. Syringes can be used for countless medical and non-medical purposes. In this article, we will focus on learning the syringe type of connections, sizes, and needle sizes which might be sensible to use with prescribed testosterone therapy injections under the care of your doctor. Your doctor may suggest a syringe size, or he/she may leave the selection up to your discretion.

How long does it take to receive my syringes for my HRT testosterone injections for my testosterone replacement therapy?

Cheappinz can’t attest to the speed of shipping with other online stores, but we ship 6 days a week. All orders received before 1pm ship out same day if possible. We use a variety of shippers depending on the size of your box or the destination and shipping times range from 2 to 7 days.

How difficult is it to order my syringes for my HRT testosterone injections for my testosterone replacement therapy?

Online orders are simple and take as much time and effort as ordering any other consumer product online. There are no additional requirements for documentation needed for your syringe purchase.

Do I need a prescription for my syringes?

Every state is different, but the companies offering online syringes typically do not require prescriptions or additional paperwork. In some states, purchasing syringes is legal, while other states may have regulations on what and how much can be purchased. It is sensible to consider all syringes required to complete your doctor’s plan of care will be able to be purchased without much issue.

How do I know if I could benefit from testosterone therapy?

The main anabolic steroid hormone produced by your body is testosterone. Testosterone has two main effects on your body: Anabolic effects promote muscle building. Androgenic effects are responsible for male traits, such as facial hair and a deeper voice.

Is testosterone and steroids the same thing?

Steroids are a synthetic form of testosterone, a sex hormone naturally produced by men and women alike. Taking steroids increases testosterone levels, causing effects like increased muscle mass and strength.

When is testosterone use medically appropriate?

A simple blood test can reveal your testosterone level. The normal range is 300 ng/dL to 1,000 ng/dL—remember that testosterone levels fluctuate throughout the day. Because they are normally highest in the morning, your doctor will probably want to do the blood test in the morning. What would it mean if my levels are low? LOW T

If your levels are low, you may experience symptoms that effect the quality of your life.

What are the symptoms of low testosterone?

  • Low sex drive.

  • Erectile dysfunction.

  • Decreased sense of well-being.

  • Depressed mood.

  • Difficulties with concentration and memory.

  • Fatigue.

  • Moodiness and irritability.

  • Loss of muscular strength. 

Are there syringes made for testosterone injections for my testosterone replacement therapy ?

There are different types of syringes which have variations in size, connection, needle tip. The type of syringe you would select to follow your prescribed plan of care for testosterone replacement injections would matter most on the amount of medicine needed per injection. Considering the thickness or viscosity of the oil based testosterone is also a second factor to select the best syringe for the task.

What type of syringes are available?

Lets break down the types by the features one would select:

  1. the size of the syringe

  2. the connection of the syringe and needle

  3. the size of the needle tip

How do I choose the right size syringe for my testosterone injections for my testosterone replacement therapy?

The most ideal size of syringe should be determined by the amount of medicine prescribed per injection. If your doctor prescribes 1mL or 1cc of testosterone for your testosterone therapy injections HRT, a 1mL syringe would be perfect. If your doctor prescribes 1.5 or 2mL or 2cc per injection, a 1mL syringe would not work. The next size syringe would be a 3mL syringe.

How does the size of syringe effect my ability to measure the medicine?

Using the smallest syringe would allow for the most accurate measuring. Lets give an example:

If I were to ask you to measure ¼ cup with a 1 cup measuring cup…. and then to measure ¼ cup with a 4 cup measuring cup, which would have the more accurate outcome? The smaller cup would give us the more specific, more accurate result.

This is obviously an unrelated example shown in terms most anyone can understand, but you can get the point. The smaller syringe size will allow for the more accurate measuring.

Units of measure:

Understanding units of measure while measuring your testosterone for your hormone replacement therapy is important. Understanding how to measure on a syringe is essential while measuring any medication. We learn to count and measure at an early age, and understanding how to measure as it relates to medicine is a useful tool. You might see the terms mL or cc on medication instructions. How are they different? You are in luck: these two terms can be used interchangeably.


How do I choose the right type of syringe for my HRT?

When we refer to a type, we wouldn’t be discussing the size or the needle tip yet. The type of connection of syringe to needle tip is what we are focusing on. Although some syringes come with a needle tip attached, individually wrapped, it is important to know all needle tips are removable. All needle tips manufactured have an identical design so that they are able to fit seamlessly onto any brand of syringe. Now lets discuss the type of connections available. There are luer lock and luer slip connections.

A luer slip connection would visibly look like a pointed cone shaped tip. Most of us have seen this type of syringe for oral medicine for our family members or for our pets. A luer slip syringe would allow easy access to an oral medicine in a bottle, and while pulling back on the plunger, the medicine would be drawn into the barrel of the syringe. There are always increments of measure along the barrel of any syringe so the medicine could be carefully measured as it is sucked up. Once in the luer slip syringe, a correct dosage of oral medication could be administered with ease.

Oral use without a needle tip is not the sole use of a luer slip syringe. A luer slip is seen for many immunizations. When attaching a needle to a luer slip syringe, one would simply press the needle onto the tip of the syringe.

Would a luer slip be the best choice for my testosterone therapy injections? Without giving advice, we could simply discuss how the thickness of a medication could cause issues with a luer slip syringe. Because a luer slip is a press on connection, there is certainly the possibility the two pieces could detach while in use. We do not want that to ever occur. Why would the syringe and needle detach with a luer slip connection? Pressure. If a person were to push on the plunger very hard, very fast while giving an injection of thick medicine, it is possible the needle tip could detach. What would be a solution for this? There would be 2. The first option would be to evaluate the needle size. Is the needle thickness too small for the use? It is possible a thicker needle would allow for a thick medicine to pass through more easily. Secondly, a luer lock connection could be considered.

A luer lock connection of syringe barrel to needle is the most secure connection. While a luer slip syringe is a press on connection which works well in many cases, a luer lock syringe provides additional security with a threaded connection similar to a bottle and cap. While looking at a luer lock syringe, it is easy to see the angled ridges that accept a needle tips grooves to thread the two pieces together securely. A luer lock connection will not come apart easily and could be an ideal choice for your testosterone replacement injections. Although the size of the needle and the speed and force once pushes on a plunger to administer a testosterone injection would still need to be considered, a luer lock syringe connection would provide extra security that the two pieces would not detach.

How do I choose the right size needle for my testosterone injections for my testosterone replacement therapy?

Needle tip is another important consideration when selecting the proper size for your use. A very large needle might be useful for quick measuring, while a very fine needle might be too difficult to pass through a thick medicine. Your doctor might suggest a size for use, and you may also try a few different sizes which will allow you to make the best needle size choice. What are the obvious considerations? The thicker the needle, the less comfortable the injection will be. The finer the needle, the more comfortable the injection will be…but thick medicine may have difficulty passing through such a fine tip. If you only have a luer slip connection, a thicker needle might be needed to guarantee the needle tip does not detach during use. If a luer lock syringe is in use, the size of the needle would be subjective and more a matter of preference as long as its large enough to allow medicine to pass through with ease.

How do I understand what size needle tip I’m choosing?

Selecting the right size needle tip can be confusing. The sizing is the opposite of what one would think so lets learn. Common needle tip sizes are 18, 20, up to 27 and 30, 32. You would think a low number means a small size, like with shoes or clothing but that is not the case. A low number means a big needle. A high number means a smaller needle. Large numbers like 18 & 20 are quite large and would be very efficient measuring fluids quickly. If your laboratory or a medical treatment requires fast transfer of fluids or medication a large needle like this would make sense. Sizes such as 27, 29, 30, 32 are very fine, very small needles. These are sizes one would commonly see on Insulin Syringes, so you can understand just how fine the needle is. Insulin is a thin, water based medicine, so you can imagine it would pass through a very fine needle with ease. Imagine trying to use a small needle tip like this for a thick testosterone injection. It would be very difficult or impossible. This is an extreme example of how to understand the importance of knowing the viscosity of your medicine, the size of the needle tip, and what the results could be with varying sizes of needles.

How do I know what size needle?

Lets review a few factors that should be considered while choosing the needle tip size for your use.

  1. This article is focusing on testosterone replacement therapy and syringes. Knowing this, we can say with certainty the medicine is oil based and thick. It has a high viscosity and it is not watery or water based. When selecting a correct needle size with a thick medicine, the very smallest needles would obviously not be appropriate. A very fine needle would cause too much pressure while trying to administer and the medicine might not be able to pass through the needle at all. A very large needle would allow for easy flow of medicine from syringe barrel and through needle while administering an injection, but a large needle is big and uncomfortable. A mid range size needle that is large enough to allow medicine to flow through, but small enough to be comfortable would be ideal.

  2. Now lets consider what connection your needle and syringe have. We know a luer slip syringe has a press on connection while a luer lock syringe has a spin on grooved connection which provides better protection from detachment during use. If a luer slip is the only syringe available to you, the needle selected would have to be a large enough gauge to allow for the medicine to flow without impediment. What if you notice the needle size in use is causing too much pressure pushing the medicine? A larger needle size could be tried. The larger the gauge of the needle, the larger the “tube” within the needle tip is for the medicine to pass through. What if you have a luer lock syringe? A luer lock is a secure spin on connection ideal for many uses. It provides piece of mind the connection is secure and very unlikely it will come apart. This spin on connection is ideal for thick medications such as testosterone therapy injections. A luer lock connection allows a smaller needle tip to be used for comfort, while having the security the connection of syringe to needle will stay intact.

  3. If your goal is the most comfortable injection, a small needle would be preferred over a large needle. Things to consider when choosing the smallest needle are: is the connection luer lock so a smaller needle is possible, and is the needle small enough for comfort yet large enough to allow an efficient transfer of medicine during injection.

Are all syringes and needles compatible?

Luckily all needle tips are manufactured with the same exact design. This means any needle tip will fit any syringe on the market.

How do I choose the right brand of syringe for my testosterone injections for my testosterone replacement therapy?

During COVID times, many brands of syringes have been back ordered and out of stock. There has been an increase in new brands available for purchase which may not have the consumer trust an established brand does. While all goods entering the US pass safety standards, the quality of each brand may vary slightly. What would this mean to a consumer? Slight variations in quality would have two obvious noticeable effects: noticeable quality of product in use & sharpness of needle. If a syringe is a slightly lower quality, the consumer may notice slight variations in the quality of product while in use. Most importantly is customer comfort when discussing a needle. If a manufacturer has cut costs slightly while manufacturing the needle tip, the result might be a slightly less sharp needle tip resulting in increased discomfort while receiving an injection.

How do syringes come packaged?

Syringes are intended to be disposable and single use only. Syringes can be purchased individually, in small amounts, in a box of 100, or in bulk for institutional use. The largest quantity for individual packaging is 100 per box. This would present as a clearly labeled cardboard box of syringes, containing individually sealed syringe or syringe and needle. Each syringe would have its own protective packaging and it would be clearly noticeable if it was tampered with or opened. One variation on syringe packaging would be for Insulin Syringes. The smallest amount of Insulin Syringes available for purchase would be a small package of 10 syringes. This would be 10 syringes inside a sealed plastic bag.

How do I dispose of a used syringe?

Syringes are intended to be used once and then disposed of responsibly. After use, a syringe is not to be reused. A used syringe should be carefully placed in a sharps container which is a special container especially designed to hold sharp needle tips. The walls of a sharps container are made of thick plastic which will not allow a needle tip to puncture.


What syringes do I buy for testosterone injections for my testosterone replacement therapy?

Great question. Lets put the syringe and needle facts we have just learned to use. Insulin Syringes can be ruled out. The very large syringes would not be ideal for testosterone injections for testosterone replacement therapy.

What we are left with are a few sizes of conventional syringes assuming your dosage or mL per injection is .5, .75, 1, 2, 3mL. There are 1mL and 3mL syringes which seem to be the best option based on our hypothetical dosage given for an example measurement.

What size would be the best? Smaller syringe sizes allow for more accurate measuring. (see our cooking ¼ cup measuring example) If you need to measure 1mL or less, a 1mL syringe would measure the best. If the amount was 3mL or less, a 3mL syringe would be the best option for this amount.

What about the connection? We know the luer lock is the most secure connection and we know testosterone injections are thick oil based medicine, so a luer lock is the most secure syringe to needle connection.

What about the needle tip? The needle tip needs to be big enough to allow the medicine to pass through easily. This is a matter of the syringe functioning properly as the injection is administered. A smaller needle will make the testosterone replacement injection more comfortable but the first rule above still applies.

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