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Do you need syringes for your Insulin Dependent Diabetes?  You do not have to visit your local pharmacy to do so.  Cheappinz offers quick and convenient online Insulin Syringe purchases without a prescription.  Your insulin syringes will be delivered discreetly and quickly right to your door within a few days.   While some might prefer the pharmacy store purchase, others might prefer the convenience of an online Insulin Syringe purchase.  Purchasing Insulin Syringes online allows the consumer to definitively know in advance the brand, size, needle length, and price of the products needed.  While an in store purchase is needed for immediate same day supplies, a purchase planned in advance might be a valuable option for those seeking more choices regarding their Insulin Syringe supplies.

Why would you choose an online versus an in store purchase?

Driving to a local pharmacy to purchase Insulin Syringes might be a matter of habit or preference.  For those individuals who prefer to walk into a store for the exercise, socialization, or routine, we encourage you to continue what makes your day ideal.  For many of us, visiting a physical store is a nuisance and a task we would rather avoid.  Now, more than ever, consumers are opting to purchase many of their every day products online, including Insulin Syringes used for daily Diabetic Insulin Injections.

One concern might be the legality of purchasing Insulin Syringes online.  We would firstly like to encourage anyone with a medical necessity for syringes to be proactive in obtaining the new, sterile, individually wrapped Insulin Syringes required for safe, appropriate treatment of their Insulin Dependent Diabetes.  While some states may have regulations and guidelines on what items and what quantity syringes are allowed to be purchased, online stores do not require prescriptions.  All syringes and Insulin Syringes can be easily purchased with a minimum inconvenience online.

Purchasing Insulin Syringes online will allow you to avoid the face to face contact with a direct purchase and supplies will be quickly delivered to your door.  Also, an online purchase of Insulin Syringes will guarantee you are able to select and purchase the exact brand and size syringes you prefer.

Does Cheappinz have the syringes I need for my Insulin injections?

While your local pharmacy may only stock one or two brands or sizes of Insulin Syringes, Cheappinz has all Insulin Syringe sizes in stock and ready to ship immediately.  If you have any concern about your Insulin Syringes being out of stock, do not worry.  All sizes are in stock and available for shipping daily.

Are all brands the same?

An Insulin Syringe consumer might notice an increasing number of unfamiliar brands on the market, and the well-known trusted brands being some times out of stock.  Are all brands the same?  No.  As with any consumer product, there will be varying quality between manufacturers and brands.   Should you be concerned?  No, not from a safety point of view.  All goods entering the US pass a quality and safety standard so it is safe to say all Insulin Syringes will be safe for use and of a basic quality.  What we have been told is: Each brand has a slight variation in quality, so the consumer might notice slight differences in quality of product and most noticeable: quality of sharpness of needle (which translates into a needle that might be more uncomfortable than other brands).  How do we know which products don’t make the cut?  To date, we are unaware of any list showing the current standings of the newer manufactured syringes, but there are well-established manufacturers proud to report they have very high ratings in past and current product quality testing.  Cheappinz offers Easy Touch Insulin Syringes as a preferred brand.  Easy Touch consistently rates neck to neck with BD brand at a fraction of the cost.


How difficult is it to order Insulin Syringes?

Ordering your Insulin Syringes is not difficult.  Ordering an identical brand and size Insulin Syringe is simple with the descriptive details on your existing Insulin Syringe box.  You will need to know the size syringe, the length of needle, and the brand Insulin Syringes you require.

Do I need a prescription to order syringes?

No prescription is needed for online purchases.  If you are returning to your pharmacy for an in store purchase of Insulin Syringes, your pharmacist will be able to help you.

How long will my syringes take to be delivered?

Online Insulin Syringe orders typically take 2-5 days to be delivered from Cheappinz.com.

When is it appropriate for me to purchase syringes online?

Some reasons a person might consider purchasing Insulin Syringes online rather than in person include:

1. convenience

2. avoiding direct contact with others

3. Preferring online purchases

4. Preferring being able to select the exact brand, size, needle tip and price of product

What types of syringes are available?

Cheappinz offers all sizes and needle lengths of Easy Touch Insulin Syringes.  Other conventional syringes with luer lock and luer slip tip are available.  A variety of needle tips are available to select from (for standard syringes).  Oral syringes, syringes for injection, and syringes for other uses are available to shop for.

Do you have the size syringes I need?

Cheappinz has all sizes Insulin Syringes in stock.  Insulin Syringes hold .5cc and 1cc, and have needle lengths and sizes ranging from 1/2 inch to 5/16 inch with 27, 28, 29, 30 and 31 gauge needle thickness.

Do all insulin syringes measure the same?

All Insulin Syringes can be trusted to measure accurately based on the measurements one would read along the barrel of the syringe.  If a person is accustomed to a .5cc syringe based on the amount of medicine needed, this same size is available.  If a larger size is needed, a 1cc Insulin Syringe is also in stock.

How do I measure with a syringe?

To measure with a syringe, one would pull back gently on the plunger to create a vacuum within the barrel of the syringe.  This will pull the medicine out of the vial.  The amount of medicine can be measured easily by viewing the measurements clearly listed along the barrel of the syringe.

How do my syringes come packaged?

Medical syringes will always be individually wrapped to ensure a sterile, new, unopened product.  Conventional syringes are packaged individually within a box of 100 syringes.  Insulin Syringes are packaged in sealed plastic bags containing a quantity of 10.  A full box of Insulin Syringes is a box of 100.

What are my options for ordering syringes?

Some companies offer syringes individually, in small quantities, in boxes of 100, or as a case price.  Syringes are available based on your individual needs or the needs of a medical facility.

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