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Get your medically necessary diabetic syringes, insulin syringes, alcohol prep pads, sharps containers by mail from Cheappinz delivered conveniently and discreetly to your door. Cheappinz offers Diabetic Insulin Syringes in all Easy Touch sizes including .5cc and 1cc Insulin Syringes. Cheappinz is a reliable mail order company delivering your HRT Anti-Aging Syringes and Needles commonly used for testosterone therapy testosterone injections prescribed by your doctor. Receive HRT testosterone therapy syringes discreetly with fast delivery to your door, testosterone syringe injections. Cheappinz mails your Insulin Syringes and HRT syringes for testosterone low T therapeutic injections to your door discreetly and quickly. Not all Insulin Syringes Diabetic Syringes and Syringes for testosterone therapy are the same. No, especially during COVID, many necessary medical syringes are back ordered and in high demand. Consider syringe quality when purchasing. Not all syringes are the same quality. Although US imposes quality standards, many syringe brands today are not as sharp as the syringes offered on Cheappinz. Some lesser known brands and Chinese brands may be inferior quality. Easy Touch brand Insulin Syringes, and Easy Touch syringes with Easy Touch Needle Tips have a well known, trusted quality reputation and Cheappinz is pleased to offer this high quality brand. Cheappinz does not sell medication or give advice. Consult a doctor with questions. No prescription required.

Did you know Cheappinz offers in stock syringes with needles used for COVID injections.

Are you a pharmacy or clinic having difficulty finding syringes used for COVID immunizations? Cheappinz is in stock with a variety of options suitable for COVID injection use. Buy your COVID syringes today and have Cheappinz get it mailed to you today.

What type of syringe and needle is being used for COVID injections at your local pharmacy and walk-in clinic?

US guidelines are recommending COVID injections COVID immunizations for most citizens. You may want to get your COVID injection at a convenient location, which would require a small injection with a needle by a trained medical professional. What size needle is used? When considering a COVID injection, the needle size always creates fear in some people. A standard needle and syringe used for immunization would be a small syringe with a small, fine needle which would provide the most pain free option. Each pharmacy or clinic will be fully stocked with appropriate syringes and needles to measure and administer the correct dosage required for a successful COVID immunization.

Are all COVID syringes the same?

Cheappinz knows not all syringes are the same. As with any product, there are variations in quality. The US government does have quality standards in place to ensure every product used in the US is safe to use and will cause no harm.

Will pharmacies all be using the same size syringes?

As for every treatment or medication, there is a syringe that is most appropriate to use. This might be based on the amount of medication needed to be accurately measured. This also might be based on the thickness or viscosity of the medication required for treatment. During this pandemic, syringes are in high demand and sometimes some sizes are temporarily out of stock. While syringes are being produced overseas and a particular size may be unavailable, your medical professional may use an alternate size syringe for your COVID immunization which will not cause any issue with the documented effectiveness or expected results from a treatment.

Will the size of the syringe used for my COVID injection make any difference in the effectiveness of treatment?

The size of the syringe used for your treatment or COVID immunization will be determined by the healthcare professional providing your care. Cheappinz does not provide medical advice but can discuss common sense questions commonly asked about syringes and their use. Cheappinz can help educate you on types of syringes, sizes, connections of syringe barrel to needle tip, and basic measuring and sizing questions. Two important features of a syringe to understand are the size of the syringe barrel and the size of the needle tip.

Lets discuss the size of a syringe barrel. Firstly, lets learn what a syringe barrel is. This is the portion of the syringe which holds the liquid or medication. The medication enters the barrel by pulling back on the plunger to create a vacuum like pull of the liquid so that it may be carefully measured and then temporarily stored in the plunger. This action can take place with or without a needle attached to the syringe.

How do you know what size syringe or syringe barrel is best?

The smallest syringe which allows for accurate measuring of the liquid, medicine, or immunization is ideal. What does this mean? There are a variety of sizes of syringes and each size syringe has its ideal time to use. For example, if you require a very small amount of insulin for your diabetic insulin injections, a small syringe holding .5cc or .5mL might be ideal to measure carefully and as accurately as possible. If your dosage exceeds .5cc but is ( or is less than) 1cc or 1mL, there is a 1cc syringe available. Syringes also come in much larger sizes: 3, 5, 10, 20, 35, 60cc syringes. Why does this matter?

Lets give an easy to understand example: This example is purely for education and fictitious. Lets say a person or animal requires a dose of medicine which will be administered by injection through a syringe with a dosage of .4cc. On the side of any syringe, there are increments of measure which are necessary to measure the content in each syringe. Why are these measurements visible? Without a way to measure the liquid medicinal contents of a syringe, one would have no way of knowing what dosage of medicine is being measured or administered. So for our example: The best option for a .4cc or .4mL dosage would be a .5 syringe. This would allow for a few useful things. Firstly, the syringe would be so small that the dosage would be measured as specifically and as accurately as possible. Secondly, because the syringe is so small, the contents would easily pass through the syringe for treatment. This means it would take less pressure strength to push the plunger to administer the dose.


Lets consider if a .5cc was not available. The next option would be a 1cc or 1mL syringe. This would obviously hold twice as much liquid, and could measure quite accurately and specifically, but it would not be as ideal as the .5cc syringe. Why would this possibly be a better option despite the size issue? Cheappinz knows that a .5cc syringe is only currently available as an Insulin Syringe. This means it is a syringe intended for Diabetic Insulin to be administered through a syringe to a diabetic human or animal recipient. An Insulin Syringe is unique to other syringes by having a “fixed” needle tip. What does this mean? A fixed needle tip on a syringe describes a needle which is permanently in place, a needle tip glued in place which is safe to use and will not detach, or a syringe needle tip that is unable to be removed or changed. A fixed needle tip has two functions. It pierces a vial stopper to withdraw the appropriate amount of medication, and it also uses that very same needle to administer the medication through the syringe and needle to the human or animal recipient. What does this tell us? The one useful fact Cheappinz can glean from this information is that the needle will always be dulled slightly by piercing the rubber stopper of a medicinal vial before used on the patient.

Are there any other options for a small needle with a removable tip?

Yes, as we mentioned for a .5cc, the only option Cheappinz can offer for syringe and needle is the Insulin Syringe which will have a fixed needle. But, as mentioned, the 1cc syringe is still a very small syringe and this has multiple options. Insulin Syringes are available to purchase from Cheappinz in both the 1cc and .5cc sizes. Insulin Syringes also have a variety of sizes which allows for very small needle tips in varying lengths and gauge (or thickness of needle).

Besides the Insulin Syringe, what other option is available for a 1cc syringe?

There are two options available for the 1cc syringe which would afford you the ability to remove the needle tip to attach a fresh, new and sharp needle for use. In addition to a sharp needle, the type of “syringe barrel to needle tip” attachment is something to consider. For a thin, water like medicine or fluid, any attachment of syringe and needle will be acceptable. This would let both the luer lock and the luer slip syringe work equally well. For a viscous or thick medicine or fluid, a luer lock is the better choice as this connects the syringe barrel to the needle tip with a spin on connection very similar to the way a soda bottle cap spins on. The luer lock connection is secure, dependable, and will not come apart. What about the luer slip? A luer slip describes a syringe to needle attachment that simply presses the two pieces together. This would be accomplished by having a protruding cone like end of the syringe barrel fit perfectly with a needle tip which would press on snugly. Because a luer slip connection is simply a press on connection, it could possibly detach if there is enough force required to press the medicine or liquid through the barrel and needle tip. This would occur with a thick viscous medicine such as any oil based medicine, and such a thick liquid would possibly not be well suited for this press on connection. For example a syringe with testosterone for HRT injections would describe a thick medicine that would be more suitable for a luer lock syringe.

Lets discuss the size of the needle. Firstly, lets learn about the needle. Syringes come with needles attached and also with no needle. Needles can also be purchased alone with no syringe barrel. A syringe needle is exactly as it sounds. It is the sharp, pointed hollow needle at the distal end of the syringe, and is intended to pass through a rubber stopper in a medicine vial, inject medications through skin into a human or animal, and is also used for laboratory and scientific purposes.

How do you know what size a needle is?

Needle sizes are numbered. A needle will have a gauge, which describes the thickness or diameter of the needle. A very large needle will have a number like: 16g, 18g, 20g. These needle sizes are appropriate for quick measuring of fluid medicine or could be used for quick transfer of fluids in any laboratory or scientific application. As the number used to identify the size of a syringe gets larger, the size of the needle become thinner. This is the opposite of what you may expect.

What are the most common sizes used?

The size of needle used is really a matter of preference, but most people prefer to use a needle which is as small as possible to accomplish the task successfully and with the least amount of discomfort.

Some needle tips are used primarily for measuring or transferring fluids. Cheappinz is not giving advice but simply discussing size of needle tip and its most common uses. The most common sizes used for measuring or transferring fluids are sizes 16g, 18g, 19g, 20, and sometimes 21g. What sizes are commonly used for injections? Needle sizes 21g, 22g, 23g, 25g, 27g, 30g are all suitable for injections. It is true that even the larger needles typically used just for quick measuring of medicine and liquids could be used as well, but the higher the number of syringe needle size, the smaller the needle thickness. So, for example: a 20g is much thicker than a 30g. What are the most common sizes? Sizing comes down to a matter of preference, but we notice the most common requested sizes are 22g, 23g, and 25g needle sizes. What about the length? A needle length is another attribute that can be chosen. Needle length for Insulin Syringes are often ½ inch or 5/15 inch, and separate needle tips which fit a variety of syringe sizes come in 1 inch, 1 ½ inch, 5/8 inch, ½ inch and possibly a few other less common sizes.

Why would I chose one needle size over another?

Needle size can be subjective. A variety of sizes could safely and effectively work for a variety of required uses. We now know about the best size syringe or syringes for a task, but what about the needle size. Some factors to ask while selecting a needle size for you are:

  1. What medication is being administered? Meaning, is it thick or thin. If its watery, for example, a very small needle tip could be used or a very large needle tip if speed of administering is more important than comfort. If its a thick medication, such as an oil based HRT testosterone replacement, a larger needle such as a 23g, 22g, or 21g would be more sensible. Remember as the numbers get smaller, the needle size get bigger.
  2. What connection does your needle and syringe have? Is it a luer slip connection: a press on connection? Or is it a luer lock connection: a secure spin on connection. If its a thin liquid passing through the syringe and needle, any connection would be acceptable, but if you only have access to a luer slip connection due to shortages or the supplies your pharmacy or clinic has on hand, it might be sensible to consider the thickness or thinness of the medicine being used and any difficulty it would have pressing through a very small needle. If a thick medicine is pushed with a significant force through a very fine needle tip, the result might be an unexpected and unwanted detachment of the syringe and needle.
  3. Is your goal the most pain free option? If so, the larger the number the more fine the needle tip will be. For example: a 25g, 27g, 30g are all very small needle tip sizes, but the 30g needle tip size is the very smallest of the 3 example needle sizes listed.

Are their different quality of syringes used for COVID immunization injections?

Yes, syringes come in different qualities. There is a basic quality and safety level monitored by the US government, and this provides protection from any unsafe products entering our market. But what about higher quality questions? There will always be manufacturers that make a top rated product and others that care slightly less about having such a high quality rating. Especially during COVID, there is an increased need for syringes, and this syringe shortage has caused a few things.

  1. there is less product available than what the market would like
  2. the manufacturers are working overtime to keep up with supply and demand
  3. acceptable quality standards by the consumer might be less than previously
  4. syringes in circulation for US COVID injection immunizations might be different sizes, different brands, and all would have their own quality standard


Are there different types of syringes being used for COVID immunization injections?

There is a current greater need for syringes while COVID immunizations are being highly recommended. Because demand is high and supply is low, medical professionals may be using slightly different syringes to accomplish the same treatment goal. Every syringe has incremental measurements on the side of the barrel, and this allows for the same dose to be provided despite the syringe appearance, size, or needle tip size. There might be a syringe size which is preferred for use, but in times of shortages the most important features of size of syringe and size of needle tip might be simply a matter of preference. We have no specific opinion on this. As with any syringe and needle, it is important to be able to measure the proper amount of medicine or liquid; and it is also important to select the most suitable needle size from what is available.

Are all pharmacies in stock and able to provide COVID shots?

Cheappinz can’t report on all Pharmacies or Walk-in Clinics, but we can say we are in stock and able to ship all COVID syringes, Diabetic Insulin Syringes, HRT low testosterone syringes, and compatible Needle tips immediately. All Cheappinz syringes are in stock and ship daily. This article post is written for educational purposes only. Cheappinz does not give medical advice, does not sell medication, and recommends discussing any medical related questions with your doctor. The key topics and keywords of this article are:

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