Hypodermic Needle SALE


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*free shipping is for a quantity of one (10, 20, or 50 needles)


  • Poly hub luer lock needle tip
  • Individually wrapped, available in boxes of 10, 25, 50
  • Needle tips fit all syringes available.
  • listing includes our cheapest shipping for a one item purchase
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The Needle Tips Without Syringe are individual packed luer lock needle tips that do not come with the syringe.

These needle tips will fit with all syringes from our site and offer a wide variety of sizes for every use.

This needle tip without syringe product is sold as a minimum order 10 single wrapped sterile needle tips. The needles are designed specifically for medical use only to be used by a medical professional or with proper instruction. All supplies listed are verified and approved by the FDA as trusted US manufacturers of syringes and needles.  Each brand offered is guaranteed to meet all US standards for quality and safety.

Proper Disposal Of Needles

Needle tips sold by Vet By Mail are disposable products and intended for one use only.   Needles should never be shared or reused, and should be disposed of properly.  For your convenience, see the sharps container below.  Sharps containers offer a safe container for used sharp needle tips to avoid accidental needle sticks.   Please dispose of your needles responsibly.

1 Quart Sharps Container for disposal of syringes and needle tips 1 Quart Sharps Container



Additional information

Weight 0.25 lbs

18×1, 18×1 1/2, 20×1, 20×1 1/2, 21×1, 21×1 1/2, 22×1, 22×1 1/2, 23×1, 23×1 1/2, 25×1, 25×1 1/2, 25×5/8, 27g 1/2 inch, 30g 1/2 inch


10, 25, 50


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