Luer lock, luer slip, oral syringes & Insulin Syringes

Insulin Syringes have a fixed, permanent needle tip.

Conventional syringes can be luer lock or luer slip connection of the needle to syringe and are used by both medical professionals and consumers requiring their own syringe and needle for independent use.

Oral syringes have a luer slip tip and are useful for oral medications. Luer slip syringes are used by veterinarians to provide oral medications. Oral syringes allow for quick and accurate measuring, by viewing incremental measurements along the syringe barrel. Veterinarians prescribe oral medications accompanied by one oral syringe, intended to be used multiple times. The oral syringe for veterinarian use is most commonly a 1mL luer slip syringe without needle and you may be familiar with this syringe for past veterinarian treatments of your pet. Cheappinz has luer slip syringes in 1mL and luer slip 3mL syringes in stock and available without delay and with no minimum order. All luer slip syringes can be used for oral purposes, but can also be used with a needle tip when necessary.

A luer lock is a secure syringe to needle connection providing a spin on connection that is dependable and not easily detached. This is useful when the attachment needs to have a guarantee the two pieces (the needle and the syringe) will not become unattached during use. Takeaway fact: Luer lock syringe and needles are more dependable than luer slip. A luer slip may detach if the needle tip is no longer firmly pressed down onto the syringe tip.easytouch-cheappinz-testosterone-therapy-syringes