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When following your doctor’s plan of care, it is important to consider the size of a syringe, a size of the needle, and the connection of the needle to the syringe.  luer slip or luer lock now has a “SMALL QUANTITY SALE” category offering small 5 & 10 packs of Syringes, Syringes and Needles, Insulin Syringes. Use the visible coupon code within each listing to receive free shipping.  All packages are delivered with and without tracking and typically ship same day. 


Syringes for Testosterone Therapy | Insulin Syringes | A Comparison of Syringe Types | Oral Pet Syringes 



When discussing Syringes and Needles, Cheappinz is referring specifically to sterile, individually wrapped, syringes, syringes and needles, or insulin syringes.  Each Syringe or Needle is wrapped in a tamper evident packaging.  Syringes and Needles and Insulin Syringes come in a range of sizes for many uses.  Luer Slip Syringes have a cone shaped tip and when used with a Hypodermic Needle, there is a “press on” connection.  A Luer Lock Syringes has a “spin on” connection and provides a more secure connection of the Syringe to Hypodermic Needle. A luer lock syringes provide a more secure syringe to needle connection ideal for testosterone injections prescribed HRT testosterone replacement therapy as directed by your doctor.  Luer Slip Syringes can often be used without a Hypodermic Needle for measuring and administering Oral Medication, Pet Medications, and medications prescribed by your Veterinarian.  Insulin Syringes are used daily by Insulin Dependent Diabetics.  Insulin Syringes come in various sizes, and can hold different volumes.  Common Insulin Syringes Sizes are 1/2cc and 1cc.

What uses do medical syringes have?

For our purposes, we will be discussing syringes used for oral pet medications; and oral or injections as part of a home treatment plan as instructed by your doctor.

What types of syringes are best for each requirement? 

When selecting a syringe, it is helpful to understand the basics.  Syringes come in various sizes, not all syringe tips are the same, and some syringes have needles that are not removable.

Sterile Medical Disposable Syringes are available in many sizes.  This allows for an educated selection of a syringe that will be best suited for a particular purpose.  Syringes have a luer lock or a luer slip tip.  This means the syringe either has a cone shaped tip where a needle could push on (or it could be used as is for oral pet medications), or a luer lock tip which provides a secure spin on connection.  It should be noted that Insulin Syringes have a fixed needle tip and is not able to be removed.

What would an Educator consider important factors when deciding on the proper Syringe for a specific purpose? 

Will this Syringe be used for Oral Pet Meds prescribed by your doctor or is it intended for an injection?

What type of Syringe tip do you need?  All syringes will be able to measure liquids, hold the volume of the Syringe, and administer the contents as needed, but would one connection be better than the other?  Would a luer slip (press on) or a luer lock (spin on) connection be preferable?

Is this a Diabetic Insulin Syringe intended for measuring and administering Insulin Injections?  If so, there are a variety of sizes and options available for Diabetics requiring Insulin Syringes.

Is there any worry about the hypodermic needle detaching?  If so, a luer lock syringe provides a more secure Syringe to Hypodermic Needle connection.

What is the viscosity or volume of the medication?  Both will increase the needed pressure applied on the plunger.  More pressure on the plunger creates more pressure at the Syringe-Needle connection and a luer lock tip would provide a more secure attachment.  For example: an injection of a thicker medication such as a testosterone for low testosterone testosterone therapy injections prescribed by doctors for treatment of low testosterone as diagnosed with blood tests would use a luer lock syringe tip.


What types of syringes are there?

Luer Lock Syringes

Luer Slip Syringes

Insulin Syringes

What is a luer lock syringe?

A luer lock syringe is a syringe that has the most secure syringe to needle connection.  To simplify, the syringe barrel tip has grooves and ridges that look very similar to what we would see on a plastic bottle that has a spin on cap.  There are grooves on the syringe, and a medical syringe spins into these grooves for a secure attachment that is difficult to accidentally detach.

When would the luer lock syringe be of value?

A luer lock syringe is very useful for medical professionals who wish to ensure the syringe and needle stay in place and do not come apart.  This syringe is also very appropriate for injections of any thick medication such as testosterone injections as part of a prescribed testosterone therapy regimen.  Testosterone is a thick viscous medication, and a luer lock syringe would provide a secure connection that would be difficult to detach accidentally.

When using a testosterone injection syringe as an example, the luer lock connection provides the best syringe to needle connection but the needle tip is an equally important variable.  Consider pushing the plunger of a syringe with a testosterone injection.  The amount of pressure one would have to exert would be greater than the pressure required to administer a thin water based medication.

Additionally, the needle tip also plays a role in the pressure the syringe to needle connection must endure.  Consider pushing that same plunger of a syringe with the testosterone injection with a large 20 gauge needle tip.  Now, consider how different the testosterone injection would be with a 25 gauge needle tip.  The 25 gauge needle tip is significantly smaller, finer needle so it makes sense that one would have to press on the plunger harder, resulting in a higher level of pressure at the syringe to needle connection so that the contents could be administered through the small 25 gauge pin hole opening of the needle tip.  Large needle tips are often used for measuring purposes as these large needles are able to draw up medicine and liquid quickly.

What is a luer slip syringe?

A luer slip syringe describes a syringe with a needle tip that allows for the medical needle to simply press on.  In many cases both a luer lock and luer slip could be used for injections without any noticeable difference.  When administering oral pet medications prescribed by a veterinarian, a luer slip is the syringe we have all been sent home with.  A luer slip will have a cone shaped tip, and a medical needle can press onto this tip easily.  For pet oral medications no needle is used and the syringe may be pre-marked by your veterinarian to show the amount of medication prescribed for your pet.

What is an insulin syringe? 

An Insulin Syringe is a syringe specifically designed for insulin injections for diabetic humans and animals as prescribed by their doctors.

Parts/features of an Insulin Syringe? easytouch-insulin-syringe-cheappinz

-Protective Cap Covering the Needle Tip

-Needle Tip Permanently in Place

-Barrel of the Syringe

-Syringe Plunger

Insulin Syringes come in a variety of sizes to meet all patient needs.  Insulin Syringes can hold up to 1/2cc or up to 1cc.  Insulin Syringes also have very fine needle tips ranging in sizes: 27 gauge, 28 gauge, 29 gauge, 30 gauge, and 31 gauge.  Needle length range from 5/16 inch to 1/2 inch.

How are hypodermic medical needles intended for injections labelled? 

Medical needles or hypodermic needles are sterile, individually wrapped, intended for one use (& then safe appropriate disposal in a sharps container), and are color coded by size on each translucent hypodermic needle hub.  Syringes come with and without Hypodermic Needle Tips.  Syringes will be Individually Wrapped in a tamper evident packaging for protection.  A medical needle or hypodermic needle will have a bevelled needle tip and a variety of sizes are available.  Different sized Hypodermic Needles are used for different uses.

Parts of a Syringe:

-Syringe Plunger

-Barrel of the Syringe

tip of the barrel will be Luer Lock or Luer Slip

-Capped Needle (if included)

Needles come in large to small sizes:

18, 20, 21 gauge: large needle

25, 27, 30 gauge: small needle

Are all syringes and needles compatible? 

All Medical Syringes and Hypodermic Needles will be compatible.  This means no matter the brand, each Syringe and Hypodermic Needle will fit together as intended.

Where do I get syringes? 

Local pharmacies offer syringes but many people are opting for online purchasing for more control over brands available, pricing, and other details.

Are all syringes the same?

All disposable, sterile, medical Syringes will meet a basic US Standards Level to ensure only safe products are introduced into the US market.  Although all Syringes, Hypodermic Needles, and Insulin Syringes may pass the basic requirements, not all Syringes will be an identical quality, and most noticeably, not all Hypodermic Needles will be as comfortable (sharp) as others.  Some Syringes will be sharper than others, and there will be minor differences in appearances and possibly quality of product.

Do I need a prescription? 

Each State has its own regulations on purchasing Syringes, Needles, and Insulin Syringes.  Online purchases typically do not require proof of prescription.

How do I dispose of a used syringe?

Dispose of used Syringes and Hypodermic Needles properly in a sharps container.  Sharps containers are made of thick plastic resistant to needle sticks.


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