Easy Touch Safety Syringes

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EasyTouch FLURINGE FLIPLOCK Safety Syringe:


NDC 08496-7012-01

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EasyTouch FLURINGE FLIPLOCK Safety Syringe with Needle:

EasyTouch® Fluringe® Safety Syringes offer an easy and simple solution for caregiver protection. After injection, just flip the protective shield over the needle until it clicks and locks in place. Hands and fingers stay away from the exposed needle. Simple, smart, and cost-effective.

Easy Touch Safety Syringes with Fixed Needle are individually sealed and come in a FlipLock  design. These safety syringes are safe and easy to use. Easy Touch Fluringe Safety Syringes with Fixed Needles are designed with a protective cover sleeve that shields the needle after injection.

  • Designed for maximum patient comfort
  • Film-coated for a comfortable injection
  • Tri-bevel Cut Tip for Sharpness
  • A protective Sleeve covers the needle after injection
  • 100 Individually wrapped Safety Syringes


  • 3mL Luer lock syringe with needle
  • Sterile, individually wrapped
  • boxes contain 100 pieces
  • 50, 25, and 10 pieces available
  • removable needle tip, able to be changed with any needle tip

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Weight 0.25 lbs

10, 25, 50, 100, 200 @$24.25/box, 300 @$23.25/box, 400 @$22.25/box, 600 @ $20/box


22×1, 23×1, 23×1 1/2, 25×1

Alcohol Prep Pads

NO Prep Pads, Box of 100 Prep Pads @$4.50, Box of 200 Prep Pads @$7.50

Quart Sharps Container

NO Sharps Container, ONE Sharps Container @$9.50, TWO Sharps Containers @$7.50/ea

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  1. GC

    I can say these fluringe syringes are really good for any intramuscular injections, such as for hormone replacement therapy etc. With some of the other longer needles there is something like a reservoir that makes it so you waste part of your medication sitting in the syringe and there’s no way to get it out. Maybe its not a huge amount but over time, over 20 doses or so, I Imagine about 1ml (which = 1 full dose and 1 weeks worth) of medication is lost in this way with the brands that have those annoying reservoirs. So I recommend especially for TRT IM injection which is what I use them for.

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