Aimsco Insulin Syringes


Diabetic Syringes

Aimsco Insulin Syringe Sale

Sterile & individually wrapped, single-use safety syringes with a fixed needle, and protective cap.

Available in:

  • 27g 1/2/ inch .5cc and 1cc
  • 28g 1/2 inch .5cc and 1cc
  • 29g 1/2 inch .5cc and 1cc
  • 30g 5/16 inch .5cc and 1cc
  • 31g 5/16 inch .5cc and 1cc
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Diabetic Syringes

.5cc or 1cc – boxes of 100, 50, or 10.

Aimsco Insulin Syringe Sale

Sterile & individually wrapped, single use insulin syringes with fixed needle, protective cap.

Aimsco Diabetic Insulin Syringes

  • U-100 insulin syringe
  • 27, 29, 30, 31 Gauge
  • .5 & 1cc syringe
  • 1/2″ & 5/16″ needle
  • ULTRA-THIN II® Needle: Thin, fine, sharp, extra lubrication
  • Easy to read numbers: Large, bold, clear
  • Needle permanently attached

AIMSCO Insulin Syringes are high-quality syringes at a lower price


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10, 50, 100, 200 @$18.5/box, 300 @$18.25/box, 400 @$17/box, 500 @ $16.75/box


27g .5cc (1/2inch needle), 27g 1cc (1/2inch needle), 28g .5cc (1/2inch needle), 28g 1cc (1/2inch needle), 29g .5cc (1/2inch needle), 29g 1cc (1/2inch needle), 30g .5cc (5/16inch needle), 30g 1cc (5/16inch needle), 31g .5cc (5/16inch needle), 31g 1cc (5/16inch needle)

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